Who Doesn’t Like Ice Cream?

The weather is hot and every rainy day equals to  humidity in the Carolinas. What a better way to stay cool than ice cream. Our household favorite is natural strawberry. We want the chicks of strawberries inside and everything.

Available June 23rd will be Ribbons’ 2018 Ice Cream Collection. Our first four flavors will be Pistachio Ice Cream, Cotton Candy Ice Cream, the soothing Lavender Ice Cream, and Italian Ice. We are soooo excited for these colors. What is even more exciting?  Our new colors are 7Free! WHAT THE, WHAT!

Creative hands must stay moisturized, so we are currently partnering with two homegrown distributors and will be debuting our handcreams and cuticle oils.  Signup with our newsletter and be the first to know.

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