About Us

Ribbons Polish is a 5-Free nail polish line curated in the Charlotte Area. My sisters and I decided to take on this venture together in honor of our artistic father who passed away in 2013.

In 2014, we had a nostalgic moment as volunteer instructors for an all-girl’s youth group retreat (ages 8-12) in Washington, DC.  During this retreat, we provided each girl with instructions on the proper application of nail polish and DIY apparel design. During the nail polish segment, we witnessed the group’s creativity soar which resulted in a very empowering social scene. Each girl was able to find a connection with one another while polishing their nails. There were several sessions that day, but nothing sparked the conversation or generated interest like the nail polish. Interestingly, our nail polish became the first approved line in our cosmetic company.

Due to our respect for the environment and disdain for harmful chemicals, one of our primary goals was to remove as many major toxins from our products as possible. After months of research, we decided that our polish would be an alternative brand and become “5-free”. This means that 5 known harmful toxins have been removed from infiltrating our product: Formaldehyde; toluene; Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP); formaldehyde resin; and camphor. And… we are always researching to remove more.

Thanks to our artistic father, we are all great visual artists who appreciate the vast beauty of the earth and are inspired by the beauty in others.

Before moving to Charlotte, I was the owner of a clothing boutique in Baltimore (Rajah Designs) that housed many of my creations. My sisters are both well accomplished artists in their own right: One sister with 10+ years of cosmetology experience; and the other has 26 years of a professional modern dance career.

We are a young company built on social responsibility, family, hard work, and integrity. We are inspired to build relationships, encourage creativity, promote wellness, and eliminating toxins from our products.

Thanks to all who follow us on Social Media, and hope you find it a vessel for inspiration.

Join us on our journey to create and connect.


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