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I’m told, the best way to start a blog is to introduce yourself and explain why you are blogging. Well, here is a sneak peek into who I am and my attempt to explain my why…

Building a business has always been hard, but in this era of new technology, building a successful business that stands out in the crowd, is damn near impossible. Instead of just greeting my customers as they walk through my doors, I now need to connect through blogging, vlogging, and selling myself just as much as my products. Who am I, you ask? In no specific order, I am a wife, mom, and entrepreneur working to build a brand that will make money, help me do some good in my community, and provide a better lifestyle for my family.  We are a family of humble beginnings, my husband is from a small rural town and is a government worker of 20+ years, I grew up as an only kid watching my mom struggle to make ends meet (my mom and dad divorced after 2 years of marriage, then my father remarried). I was a fashion major, turned software tester, turned boutique owner, and now an HR Professional. 


My husband and I have been married for 18 years, and our blended family includes a married teacher, a married navy veteran, a recent college grad, and 2 younger kids in elementary and middle school.  When Barry and I married, I became an instant mother of three awesome kids ages 7,6, and 4, and our beautiful, chaotic life began.  I became Momma-Rae and we quickly got pregnant with baby #4 – Amir and #5 – Hassan.


I am hoping to share with readers, my thoughts, experiences, and style of “Blending Creatively”. I am often asked, “How were you able to blend so successfully?”. My answer is always and will forever be timing.  Timing has always been on my side when I can recall my victories.  And I am just starting to recognize them as such.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not currently where I want to be as a mom, wife, HR professional, or entrepreneur. But timing has always been my friend.  From starting my first business in college, placing my stamp on college events and fashion trends, marriage, and career choices. I always seem to make my move when the timing is right.

My husband and I did not jump right into our relationship.  We had an old fashion courtship, only lunch dates for the first 2 years.  Hard to believe I know, but I have close friends that can vouch for this amazing love story.  I can vividly remember meeting our oldest kid for the very first time.  She stayed up late to meet me, which speaks volumes of her protective character.   She was 7 with very long ponytails that her dad did his best to construct (very lopsided as you can imagine) I still just laugh thinking about it.  After meeting the original three, we were quickly engaged and began creatively blending our new family. 

Josh & Telina, Grandma Arletha, Horatio, Barry & me, Darius & Kristen, Amir, & Hassan – Christmas 2019 – Photo by Ariel Photography
Hodge Family – 2019 Holiday Photo by Ariel Photography

We had the tough conversations early on about finances, family – did I want one or two kids, would I stay home during the first 5 years when our kids are born, vacations, and business ownership.  Our intimacy goes far deeper than sex, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, and we’ve struggled together.  This is my 3rd attempt at business ownership (so I’ve cried the most) – since I am being honest.  We are a tight family; my bonus kids have a piece of my heart just like the ones I gave birth to. I love their biological mother and respect her for being the vessel that carried them and brought them into this world. Without her, I would not have them. Being Blended is hard work. You must be open to compromise and show each other a lot of respect.  We are doing it creatively and loving every minute. 

I am hoping to give you a view into my world of blending creatively.  It is challenging being a career woman, wife, mom, and entrepreneur.  I don’t pretend to have all the right answers, but I believe we have a healthy family relationship and we have mastered our way of operating our family unit. I am a creative mess, but I do enjoy my life with my blended family.  I hope sharing my experiences can help you enjoy yours a little bit more. Welcome to my community world of Blending Creatively

Stay Creative


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