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Life of An ENTREPRENEUR With a Day Job – Should I continue?

Life as an entrepreneur while simultaneously working a full-time gig is hard as shit!… There are
many of us working day jobs trying to fund and grow our businesses. I have several colleagues that operate a small business and we all have to stop sometimes and ask ourselves, “Is this worth it?” The current temperature of America makes the dilemma even more difficult. Unless you have been living under a rock for the last several months, the recent events have got to make you think. “Am I wasting my most valuable currency
time- on things that don’t matter?”

Working remotely has removed my 30-45 minute commute home, which makes it easier to transition from HR Professional to Ribbons Cosmetics, CEO & co-founder.

For anyone who is currently at a crossroads wondering which way to turn with your start-up or young business, allow yourself some time to reflect. Ask yourself two very important questions, 1. Is my business scale-able? and 2. Do I still have the passion to proceed?

For me, I took some time away from social media and started checking to see if I would miss the day to day tasks of the business. Shortly after, I found myself buying supplies and mixing colors, proving to myself that I am still dedicated to growing my business. I believe that this is the best time to be the owner of anything creative. And, I am determined to live life without regrets.

If the answers to the two reflective questions lead you to close shop, I have been there and done that & I stand with you.   If your answers lead you to keep pushing; let’s buckle up and finish the trip. No matter what you decide just remember to Stay Creative.

Creatively Yours,

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